director: zack snyder
Even though this movie has a ton of violence it still is all about 300+ ripped half naked men running around. That is over 300 men wearing nothing more than little leather underwear and big red capes, HOTT! (ps it's worth seeing in IMAX ladies OH YEAH!)
reviewed by: kelly |  May 2007 [link] |  recommend

director: zhang yimou
Beautifully shot, gorgeous use of color as only Zhang Yimou can do, fantastic (literally!) action sequences, thought-provoking Borgesian structure. But deeply nationalist, the kind of movie the Chinese Army would screen for its soldiers just before they invade Taiwan; as the credits rolled, my wife, who is a hugh Zhang fan, turned to me with a stricken look and said, "I feel like I just watched a film by Leni Riefenstahl."
reviewed by: Ishbadiddle |  October 2004 [link] |  recommend 3 thumbs up

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