the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy
director: garth jennings
Laughed my ass off at the dolphins fleeing and the funny tragedy I did. Was happy that the movie came out when special effects can do these things, and tim has a dawn and she isn't going to florida at all.
reviewed by: kristen |  April 2005 [link] |  recommend 6 thumbs up

director: gary ross
I really enjoyed the book and wasn’t sure there was a way to honestly translate all the interesting facts plus the intensity of the races into a 2 hour Hollywood film. Seabiscuit the movie delivers a condensed and well executed version of the story and yes, it is heavy-handed with the “the horse that saved 3 men & the rest of America during the Depression” tilt but the fact remains no other race horse has ever captured America’s attention like the Biscuit did.
reviewed by: rachel |  September 2003 [link] |  recommend

confessions of a dangerous mind
director: george clooney
"Smart, funny, clever, an all-around good time" exclaims Rachel of happyrobot.net regarding George Clooney's directorial debut based on the unofficial autobiography of Chuck Barris- game show creator on some days/ CIA operative on others. The film contains an excellent all-star cast (Sam Rockwell as Barris, Drew Barrymore, Julia Roberts and Clooney himself) and gives many visual winks to executive producer Steven Soderbergh.
reviewed by: rachel |  January 2003 [link] |  recommend 1 thumbs up

star wars episode 2: attack of the clones
director: george lucas
While this movie won't make you 10 years old again it doesn't necesarily destroy any of your childhood memories that The Phantom Menace may have left for dead on the side of the road. What we're given this time around is a pretty cool movie, probably the best Star Wars movie that's been made since 1980.
reviewed by: JohnLawton |  May 2002 [link] |  recommend 1 thumbs up

star wars: episode iii - revenge of the sith
director: george lucas
Lucas seemed to of finally figured out how to make a decent Star Wars movie, but he still hasn't solved the issue of not writing dialog that makes the audience groan out loud – you'd think that wouldn't be happening in a movie of this stature. An infinitely better movie than the last two that, for the most part, ties up the loose ends and sets the scene for the original series – kind of.
reviewed by: rich |  May 2005 [link] |  recommend 6 thumbs up

director: glen morgan
Crispin Glover has never been creepier! I enjoyed this film and think it may even become a cult classic just like its original (Interesting trivia - The portrait used for Crispin’s (Willard’s) father was Bruce Davison, the man that played Willard in the 1971 original)
reviewed by: kelly |  March 2003 [link] |  recommend

pirates of the caribbean: the curse of the black pearl
director: gore verbinski
Definitely not just for the chilluns, this Disney ride turned feature film boasted some pretty awesome special effects, inspired mincing by Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush, enough jokes and action to keep me interested, and a really scary monkey. I laughed, I cheered, I want to see it again. Gratuitous third sentence: Aaaargh, matey!
reviewed by: liz |  July 2003 [link] |  recommend 2 thumbs up

ring, the
director: gore verbinski
This U.S. remake of Hideo Nakata’s Ringu (1998) has the basics of a good scare flick but falls short on the classic creepiness one would expect from a psychodrama horror movie. It gets a 4.5 out of 10 on the fright meter - the .5 just because the mysterious tape that causes one to die 7 days after viewing it was like a NIN music video without the music.
reviewed by: kelly |  October 2002 [link] |  recommend 1 thumbs up

pirates of the caribbean: dead man's chest
director: gore verbinski
This piece of floating, flaming driftpoo almost blew the patina off of our perfect Outer Banks vacation, at least the 2nd half of the day on which we chose to see it. Sorry, Mark.
reviewed by: alec |  July 2006 [link] |  recommend 2 thumbs up

director: gotz spielmann
This film from Austria, a nominee for best foreign language film, might seem at first to be a revenge thriller,but it is really an ensemble drama about four characters who are lonely even when they are together. Even though at times the film might seem like a bad Euro-art house cliche, the filmmaking and acting is so low-key that the film disappears all together and what's left on the screen are some very deep characters capable of surprising right up to the end.
reviewed by: jen |  May 2009 [link] |  recommend

director: greg mottola
The contrast between the sometimes dizzying graphic language and the touching relationship between the main characters make this super good (*groan*) movie stand out from the average dumb ass teen gross-out/sex/party comedy. The sex scene with "Evan"/Michael Cera is about the best thing ever.
reviewed by: rich |  September 2007 [link] |  recommend 3 thumbs up

director: gregory hoblit
While it doesn't always do it's arithmetic (the ending might snap your already suffering willed suspension
of disbelief) this is still a highly entertaining bit of trifle. This is the type of movie that a computer program can generate, sampling from
popular movies of the past to whip up a high concept "weepy" that the crowds can enjoy….and I did enjoy it (oh yeah, Randy
Quaid's brother is really good in it too).
reviewed by: JohnLawton |  July 2000 [link] |  recommend

bend it like beckham
director: gurinder chadha (also author)
This coming of age, follow your football (soccer to you American freaks) dreams flick is a real charmer. Go see it - it's better than Monsoon Wedding and the soundtrack is hilarious.
reviewed by: raquel |  March 2003 [link] |  recommend

director: guy ritchie
Well, I've got to tell you the first half hour of this movie
annoyed the high hell out of me, but I eventually warmed up
to it a bit. There isn't a character to get attached to but after
awhile I got pulled into the ridiculously over the top plot and
wanted to see who was going to make it and who was going
to die a colorful death; truth be told it's a renter but I was
entertained for a while.
reviewed by: JohnLawton |  February 2001 [link] |  recommend 1 thumbs up

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