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» Some reasons why global warming is not a crisis. I could not wait, it seems, for the formal question to be asked.
» An Open Letter to John Kerry and all of the other loser Democrats
» I Would Actually, In a Second
» Ten Events Which When Aligned And In A Historical Context Will Alter The Face Of My Future
» Posture Is More Important Than You Can Imagine
» To:
» Cow Kills Snake
» Recipe
» Good Morning, My Bitches...
» Lawn Care Tips For The Modern Conservative
» A Mutual Understanding of Destruction and Greed
» Toothpaste, Beer and Half and Half

» Tribute
» People You Should Never Turn Your Back On
» Get up, get, get, get down, Late 911 wears the late crown
» X marks the spot
» one period near the end
» Dear coworker: The sight of your legs wrapped in Pantyhose makes me want to commit crimes.
» Neck Bloody Neck
» His Underwear Must Always Match His Shirt
» But then so...
» Christmas Time is Here, You Imperialist Dog You
» Top Four Recollections of Ponies, and Then One More

» People Seeing Other People Naked, or, Laying Tongues on Bodies, Depending on the Situation.
» The New King of Pop
» Answers
» But you said we could stay up forever
» What To Do In The Event A Parent, Teacher or Co-Worker Catches You In The Act Of Self-Pleasure.**
» 97 Things to Fuck
» Methods for getting published by McSweeney's Online Accumulation (and an explanation of each, in lay terms)
» Love in the Time of Terrorism
» 10-31-03
» .
» Summer Fiction

» Happy Get Married Day!
» Top Twenty All Time Desert Island Must Have Albums Recorded Sometime in the Last Twenty Years
» Looking Forward To Being Nervous. Looking Forward To Being Scared Out Of My Mind.
» Things I got from my ancestors and ain't ne'er asked for no how
» 'I've Got Something Brand New (for that ass)'
» Not Even Close to Being on Topic
» 'tis Spring and your Mothers Cry
» Child Care Tips for Parents in the New Millennium
» Top Five Things That Ruin Christmas
» Working Title
» Thirteen ghoulish or otherwise dark things previously not known about Halloween:

» Twenty Minute Sink Update
» The Truths of Moonstruck
» Religion and Red Meat
» Seemingly Unrelated Events
» Celebrity
» Monday, December 2, 2002, 10:30AM 11:47AM
» Indifferent
» Coworker Profiles
» Sometimes Mankind, I am Loving You
» Love is a secret.
» An Alteration of Historical Fact

» The Seven Sisters of Need
» Dirty Old Man
» A Little Sexist, A Little Racist, And A Lot of Fun
» Mama Sang Tenor
» Watch How the Zombies Scream (it's the crack)...
» To gather or collect swiftly and unceremoniously; grab
» Two Limericks of Smack, No Waiting
» John Donne, uncapitalized, one comma only
» An Alteration of Historical Fact
» Christmas Summons
» Alternate endings to the fable, Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer

» Seventh Grade Survival Guide For Boys
» Cynical Optimism
» Of him.