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» The Official Happyrobot Drinking Game (A Work in Progress)
» Naming The Band
» It's Martini Time!
» Alpha Lincoln Town Car
» Baby Honky
» Fiki
» You're a 7 Year Old Big Boy Now, Happyrobot. Stop Peeing Your Pants In School.
» Emo Song (When I Was 16. And 17. And Older. For Pony)
» Bands I Want to Start with My Friend Ben
» I Freakin' Dare You To Take My Stinkin' Quiz
» The Jig is Up
» Divorce Sale

» fever-induced brain-fry dreamin'
» The Passion of the Chris
» We Secretly Replaced All the Music on Honky's Hard Drive with a Boatload of Coldplay and Crash Test Dummies
» I Wanna Live with a Coffee Shop Girl
» Grad School? (Gettin' Picked Up at Lunch)
» Strange Fish
» Morning Agenda for 10-3: When I Am the Highest Ranking Employee in the Office
» Fridge Ten!
» Even Rock Stars Need to Sleep: The Comin' Home From the Show Not-So-Random Ten
» RAH!
» Date the Honkycracker!

» Skinning My Muffin
» I Remember There Were Roses
» The Honky's in the House!
» No one Thanks The Peein'-the-Poo-off-the-Back-of-the-Toilet Guy
» Eyes Bright but Waning
» To My Own Big Papi (an E-mail to my Father After Our Beloved Red Sox Made History)
» Wisconsin! Fuck Yeah!
» For Anne and Awais (and a bonus added for myself)
» The Bush that Stole Christmas
» No Fish Today
» I Am Not Your Blog

» Livin' Livin' Livin' Livin' Livin' Livin' Livin' Life
» Rock.
» Kenny Rogers Memories
» Recurring Temporary Mental Retardation
» Dirty Harry vs. Blade Runner
» Roy's All Up In That Shitz
» the mix that never was
» Hippos on Flight Ninety-Muthaf*ckin-Three
» IV of Fun: Mmm... Morphine!
» Mojo Bunny
» Simply, For Blaine. For Me. For Red Sox Nation.

» The Prettiest Girl on the Walk
» Friends of P
» Slash vs. The Cow Who Killed Eeyore
» Sexy Ruxpin
» Friday Lunchtime Hee-Haw
» The Spitter
» Shatner?
» So On My Way Home... (part 1)
» And Now... It's Baby Panda Friday!
» I Heart Farts
» Who Wants to Squeeze The Honky Weenus?

» Product Review: Kinder Happy Hippo Biscuits
» Bebe Buell: Afternoon Food for Discussion (And Rock Stars)
» Mojo Bunny, Your Magic Is Real and I Believe In You
» Stu
» The Mossy Mold that Ferments in my Head
» More Honk, Less Wonk
» -
» Fart
» Bonfire of the Panties
» Sharks Make Me Wanna Dance Broadway Style! Jazz Hands! Jazz Hands!
» Items Matching "Mr.T"

» Manuel, the Bastard Jackson
» Tee-Vee, Here I Come
» I Left You Something in Your Mailbox