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Saturday, December 30, 1899

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» karma points
» snarkbait
» Rich White Males of the World, Unite! (not)
» hell is limbo
» Question???
» names
» it was an honest mistake
» please call LaTonya
» Hedwig, i need your guidance
» i hate you, MC CHRIS!
» my first alcohol-buying excursion
» Don't be a Hater (Please)

» taking an english test
» The Prescient Wit...
» The Passionate Ad Project
» an unconscionable contract
» gonna try to clear things up for ya
» 21 Reasons to Love Victoria
» The M.A.C. (yeah you know me)
» 6 Irish things
» your very own surprise final
» Chicago!
» I slept through my alarm clock this morning

» AXE survey
» 7:56 AM
» call me, don't be afraid, you can call me...
» beep!
» nerves cubed
» roller coaster
» how you frustrate me with your sex appeals
» what is sexy?
» this one is for pony and solstice
» The wave of narcissism continues...
» What is the Jamba Juice, you ask?

» oh sweet lordamercy: my 21st
» Flukeman
» if it is to be, it is up to me
» advantages & disadvantages
» This is why I sounded that way on the phone
» clean-clean-CLEAN!
» Red herrings & a Sprite
» moving on
» est-que vous etes sympa?
» whatever you do, don't think about elephants
» wonderful things will happen

» clearly
» i shouldn't be writing this but...
» my history with energy drinks
» pick your favorite character!
» libras: a cool little thing that I wrote a while ago
» she always speaks in a deep voice...
» candyass
» i am not a drama queen. or am i?
» I sleep in my clothes, yes?
» a letter from me at work to biff
» i've got sunshine in a bag

» theremin or therapy?
» the really weird dream I had last night
» Ghostwriter, are you THABTO?
» 10 things that I thought about today...
» D.M.V.
» chased by a man with a switchblade
» this what you want?
» more weird randomness
» i need some help with this feng shui...
» because a day without the internets is
» My Top 25

» in da news
» By Zeus! My Migraine!
» in high school orchestra